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Taking Technology the Last Mile

Who we are

Last Mile Technologies was formed as a spin-off from G2, Inc to provide software solutions to address the challenges facing today’s cyber security operators. G2’s strength is in “last mile research,” leveraging basic research embodied in open source capabilities or prototypes and advancing it to be directly applicable to customer challenges. G2’s expertise is in understanding the relevance of an immature or emerging technology and maturing and/or modifying that capability to create meaningful mission outcomes. As these capabilities mature they are transitioned to Last Mile where they become available as limited access commercial offerings. Last Mile focuses on building game changing affordable technologies that create new and faster ways to consume data and comprehend what it means by leveraging parallel computing models.

Our Technologies

G3 Sensor

Net speed, high throughput analytic sensor.


Big data analytics platform.


Have data? Siren gets you to the cloud and analyzing it FAST.